Моя Кошка [my cat] - meme (gacha life) {flash warning}[ please read the description]

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REO WANTS EYEBALLS NYA!!!!~~~(don't take this and the hand I drew seriously lol Nya~ TwT)

Nya~ Minnasama I am back with another video edit that I done ~! I am not dead yet just no better wifi to post so....

So yep hope enjoy it Nya~💗🍦

I really dunno what to say in here only a thank you in my mind Nya~TvT
Oh btw I will be using the community tab
Alot like information and etc I think so be sure to stay tune for more!!

App use for editing this:
-ibisPaint X


Inspired by

Well any other question you can ask bellow I will be gladly to answer them but no personal information for now like My age , etc Nya~

See you guys in my next video
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Thank for all of  minnasama; everyone support Nya~!!

Nanasie Kirigaya~

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