Couple have sex in supermarket next to 'friskies' cat food

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A COUPLE were caught romping in a supermarket aisle - hilariously stood next to a box of 'Friskies' dog food.

CCTV footage of the encounter shows the pair checking if the coast is clear before having sex in a shop in Italy.

The middle-aged couple just couldn't wait until they got home - and went at it right in the middle of the aisle.

Although it doesn't seem like either party is enjoying the encounter a great deal as they retain straight faces throughout.

At one point they even stop for fear of getting caught, and the woman picks up a box of Friskies dog food and inspects it, as a cover for what they were really doing.

Once the deed is done, the couple simply clean themselves up and continue their shop as if nothing untoward has happened.

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