[HOW TO] Happy Cat T-shirt

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This is my first video on how i paint clothes using special wash resistant paint and a bit of imagination.

I hope you like my work and I will be back with more videos soon!

IDEA STOFFA fabric paint.
Different sizes paint brushes, plastic and natural hair.
A white cotton t-shirt.
A pencil and a big piece of cardboard.


1. I started of by drawing the contour with my pencil. I initially made the design on a piece of paper then copied it onto the shirt.
2. Prepairing the colors on the pallet (and the music ofcourse!)
3. Start drawing the contour lines with a darker color then filling in the design with a lighter one.
4. Some paint strokes and a heart later ... voila! The finished shirt for my little niece! (she was thrilled!)

Total time spent: ~1 hour

Source: Youtube.com